Do stand two months the rich are the same point of summary

  for a long time did not publish the article, Admin5 revised after the first document, Admin5 more and more concise and good-looking, and seriously support! The total feeling of Admin5 cordial, the document is also some of their own words, writing easier!

    today to send a document, the title is: the same point of the rich

      because of the need to work, often in contact with some big customers, many of whom are billionaires, tens of millions of assets also accounted for the majority, through contact with them, and find some of the same point!

      I don’t smoke here, it is true, but there are also smoking, only very little time to smoke.

      two, generally young, is also my contact is to do investment, young people like to do investment, not more than 30 years of age

      three, the desktop of the computer is generally relatively clean, one of my computer, my documents, IE, recycle bin, Online neighbors, there is no other!

      four, basic is sad in the past, the success of the road is not flat!

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