5000 domestic group purchase website Fuzion accelerated game disorderly fighting

"this is a marathon, but also a series of war", May 2011, nuomi (micro-blog) general manager Shen Boyang (micro-blog) in renren.com (micro-blog) to update his personal status, in his view, the electricity supplier is more than the group purchase melee, wading hard.

The growth rate of domestic

group purchase website unexpectedly. There are amazing group purchase charm, "said absolutely no less than Web2.0 and SNS into the flourishing China scene" strong, but there are also people allegory, "this is the Internet business so far the most dramatic and foam industry". Just 18 months, China’s grass-roots army by by the founder of American Groupon group purchase such as spring night, the pear tree opening sequence.

"barbaric" and "disorderly competition" and "poaching shady" and "mad", "burn out", "make a yell lose performance" has become a distinctive industry of Chinese group purchase website. "It is not only a random zile". According to the survey, Chinese on Internet monitoring authority DCCI Internet data center by the end of August, China group purchase enterprises have more than 5500, nearly 18 months, the average daily new out of 10, but also have the same number of group purchase website to perish, the market degree were remarkable.

torture 5000 buy test field

competition in the market there is a law of two yuan, that is, in the future there will be a number of industries in a duopoly. The latest published "the first half of 2011 China network group purchase user survey report" is like a cold water, put out more in group purchase arena bigwigs ambitions.

in the past year, the team has the Chinese group purchase scandal frequent go forward with great strength and vigour. Before the internal Gaopeng fraud, layoffs; after the handle network (micro-blog) and Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) collective with malicious poaching; then Facebook announced Daily Deals group purchase business model platform all frustrated abortion……

squandering charming eyes, with the industry’s "Matthew effect" is more obvious, even with strong ability of gene duplication, Chinese group purchase site is now facing more and more, how to locate is homogeneous and survive the serious industrial environment. Whether a personalized business model behind the "thousand group war", "financing money expansion – re financing of the capital circulation, will become the industry" shengsijie "


according to iResearch Consulting Group announced in June to buy the site, the total number of Chinese users to buy the site monthly visits up to 2 billion 80 million times, compared with the same period in May rose by 2.8%. Top of the list is Taobao Juhuasuan (micro-blog), handle network and the United States Mission Network (micro-blog) followed closely, the average daily coverage of 10 million 710 thousand people, respectively, the number of people, 4 million 700 thousand people.

Wo Wo Group

rose from fifth to fourth monthly visits, compared with May growth of 43.6%, growth significantly. Electronic commerce and cosmetics group purchase fabric >

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