After 6 years of successful grassroots nternet upstart composed by the rich

for 6 years, he workers from a stranger suddenly became the general manager of China instrument industry only entered the global Chinese 500 website. He ran the starry piano nets industry reputation with its high popularity and industry reputation, and many investors covet: people willing to invest 2 million of its acquisitions in 2005, 2006 and will be

purchase price raised to 10 million, more virtual property assessment agencies to assess the site worth more than 50 million…… However, the 26 year old website operators Ceng Jigui unmoved, carefully construct their own management team, with their own wisdom and efforts will be a sunny day, the other out of the site development! He is composing 80 belong to the younger generation of a vibrant and creative success stories.

Up to

with 400 yuan of money around Shanghai

out of the campus, with a pocket to Shanghai only 400 yuan a year, the 20 year old Ceng jigui. Come out from a small mountain in Jiangxi Ganzhou, ceng Jigui and many rural children, young people are not the only carries on the ideals and the cause of the persistent pursuit, and eager to change family poverty situation. Work, money, economic independence, improve the lives of the young man was the most wanted to do, and Shanghai this dazzling gorgeous metropolis is his desire to change their destiny.

in the help of relatives, Ceng Jigui successfully found his first job, entered the office of assistant Su group, but less than 1000 yuan a month income did not significantly change his life. Rental in Shanghai Gaoqiao Town, a less than 15 square meters of simple bungalows, remove food and transportation must be the cost of living, ceng Jigui per month to send home to a certain amount of wages, to repay their debt owed in reading. The rest of the poor, often only a two hundred yuan of money, every end of the month, Ceng Jigui often face eating on the Dayton.

hard life did not hit the optimistic and cheerful young people, poor origin is precisely the exercise of his peers than with a more tenacious will. He decided to secretly in the heart, must make a career in Shanghai, then returning: buy a house in Shanghai, buy a car, buy a house in the home county, with the whole family out of the mountain! The more difficult times, the more Ceng Jigui told myself: people can do, I can do, I will

is not worse than others!

involved in sales: open the door to life the first rich

rushed into the Shanghai network technology development company, is Ceng Jigui an important turning point in life. 2003 rushed network for the community to recruit network sales personnel, computer major in Su group more than six months to do membership expansion work smoothly in Ceng Jigui, fortunately, from 50 at the time of the talent shows itself in the exam. Prior to this, Ceng Jigui did not come into contact with the sale of the profession, but soon he found that: he is so suitable for sale, like sales >

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