Creative website operation mode time after the online Witkey exchange network

, a time to exchange the creative source

by the barter network we think of ideas for visitors, skills exchange network, but the network exchange skills still exist an important problems existing in the current online network is the two-way exchange turnover rate is low, whether it is the exchange of goods, or to exchange skills, in order to achieve multi-party exchange, it is necessary to introduce the concept of virtual currency, resulting in a "time concept and time switch network" concept.

The exchange is based on the exchange of skills

time, by helping others get time integral, and then use their own time to buy the services of others, and Baidu know the process almost, but the service is Baidu know answer more specific, not just to answer the question, but also to help each other to solve the problem. For example, write text, teach English website, etc.. Of course, you will be rewarded after the completion of the service reward bonus points, and then you can use this score in exchange for other people’s services.

Witkey exchange network and

two, the time difference between

and passengersThe difference is

, Witkey is for money service, passengers for goods with goods, time switching network is used for time and skills, with time of yuan to buy their own needs service. Compared with the one – to – one skill exchange network. Let visitors back to the primitive society barter barter exchange network era, time is equal to the early slave society to shell items as medium of exchange currency infancy. Ha ha, if the development of the emergence of a network of currency hard currency era, until the development of the Internet and the real currency currency can redeem the era of.

three, what is the meaning of the time switch network?

is the embodiment of the dedication, return and mutual humanistic idea, with their proficiency in a particular line help people in need. This is a further manifestation of the spirit of sharing the internet.

two is to help people save money, their dedication will be the same as the return of each other’s virtual currency, and you can use these virtual currency to get the services you need to save money for you.

three is we can improve the quality of life, as the majority of the working class, it is difficult to have enough money to meet the many needs of their own, but by the time you exchange, you can not spend money to obtain a variety of operational guidance, skills training, so as to improve the quality of life for yourself. The more you give, the more you get.

four will be able to make friends, and common development. Exchange and cooperation will be an important way of communication in your life.

four, time switching network profit model

1, the classification of the page’s advertising revenue, how many service pages you have, you have a number of advertising.

2, keyword search revenue, can be found in the search results page at the same time, the site displays natural search results and search engine ranking results.

3, endowment income, its essence is

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