A round of financing 160 million valuation of 2 billion Wu Xiaobo’s Ba Ling nine why so valuable

today, Shanghai Pakistan nine Ling Culture Communication Co. Ltd (Wu Xiaobo channel operating company, hereinafter referred to as the nine Ba Ling) officially announced the completion of the A round of financing, the current round of the letter Zhi collar vote, Zhejiang venture capital with the cast, closely reasoned and well argued and Price Waterhouse, financing 160 million yuan, 2 billion yuan investment valuation.

based on the data obtained by the new list, relying on the development of the media from the start-up companies, the nine spirit is currently the highest in the domestic public data valuation.

launched in May 8, 2014, the registered capital of 1 million shareholders, including Wu Xiaobo, Cao Guoxiong, Li Jian, Anhui and other new media, two and a half years after the valuation of 2 billion, completed the fast growth in the media since the dividend period window.

Wu Xiaobo and his nine Pakistan spirit created what beautiful results? Investors settle on the "Wu Xiaobo channel" what value? At the end of the year to get the "money", how they would have plenty of money after a big


on the last day of 2016, the Himalaya Hotel in Shanghai cafeteria, we met the day before had just finished recording the show at the end of the year Wu Xiaobo, founding partner of Cao Guoxiong and closely reasoned and well argued.

charge audio member 100 thousand, video hits nearly 800 million


in the evening of December 30, 2016, the Himalaya grand stage "meet 2016" speech, Wu Xiaobo in the "popular economy community" section, tells the story of the "Red Net economy" and "knowledge pay".

as a famous for many years and has been active in the first line of financial writers, head halo Wu Xiaobo itself is a big red". At the end of the year, a new "Tencent" once again set off a burst of waves, after the line quickly became the book sales platform and best-selling books. At the same time, as the largest financial platform with IP properties from the media platform, Wu Xiaobo channel has won about 2200000 WeChat fans.



over the past year, Wu Xiaobo channel new list back to the data

pay for knowledge in the past year, is also being verified feasible Wu Xiaobo. In July 8, 2016, the online charging audio products every day to hear Wu Xiaobo, although not the first product into the market, but full of influence. Just over 5 months, the price of 180 yuan / year paid products, the whole platform for selling 100 thousand copies, not only let it become the past year content of entrepreneurial field the best-selling "knowledge pay" one of the products has become a highlight of this year’s biggest new media operators in Wu Xiaobo "".


Wu Xiaobo channel sold more than 70 thousand copies, there are more than 20 thousand in Himalaya, in his view, these are the people of the channel 20>

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