Planning site grab four points do not relax

      first, planning website profit.

      Web site is for profit, in order to make a lot of money. So, before doing so, first of all to good website profit pattern. In addition, profitable activities, marketing activities, before the site is not ready, we must be fully prepared. This is the key to the success of the site.

      second, planning website content.

      Web site construction, it is necessary to consider the information on the site where. Is to allow customers to create, or their latest information, or production. Product information, etc.. Site to do, is to carry the contents of the. The content, determines what you do, but also on behalf of your creativity.

      fourth, planning website function.

      the function of the website, it is the importance of the website. The function of the site, do not arbitrarily to develop, must be developed on demand. The site positioning of the customer to help, or profit requirements, to develop. Development of a function, we all know that it is necessary to pay great efforts to develop. And also the technical requirements, have this capability. So, if really need what kind of functions, is to develop the technology sector.

      third, planning website promotion.

      website promotion, especially online promotion, to attract high attention. Website promotion is a systems engineering. To brainstorming, come up with a good promotion plan. Each website, because the industry is different, the product is different, the customer object is different, the service is different, so come up with the scheme should be different. After the program, and then, perseverance, perseverance to do.

      grasp the above four points of planning, the site do fine, do thoroughly, do fine. If so, it is possible to succeed. Site planning, is really a home. Otherwise, site planning not know what?

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