Time Warner talks 1 billion 250 million stake in the video site Hulu


as the three shareholders also participate in the financing, because the Hulu of this round of financing scale will exceed $1 billion 250 million

[TechWeb] reported on November 13th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the United States paid video website Hulu is planning one of the over $5 billion valuation of financing, the investor is the media giant Time Warner (Time Warner).

quoted sources as saying that Hulu is seeking to sell shares to Time Warner, the financing of the Hulu valuation of over $5 billion, to make Hulu better with Netflix, the online video giant Amazon competition.

details of the transaction, the insider said, Hulu existing three investors, Disney (Walt Disney Co). ), twenty-first Century Fawkes (21st Century Fox Inc). Comcast Corp currently each holds a third of the equity, they will also participate in the introduction of Hulu Time Warner’s financing, the next four companies will hold approximately stake of about Hulu.

if the financing to the foreign media reports, the Hulu valuation of $5 billion to $6 billion acquisition of Time Warner Hulu expanded equity of about 25% equity to $1 billion 250 million (about 8 billion yuan) to $1 billion 500 million (9 billion 600 million yuan); in addition, as the three shareholders are also involved in financing, because of this round of financing Hulu the scale will exceed $1 billion 250 million.

in addition, the report also said, according to the content of the above parties have been negotiated, Time Warner to inject cash into the Hulu, but also to increase the supply of streaming media content to Hulu.

Time Warner is the film company Warner Brothers (Warner Bros) parent company, which is the mainstream of American TV producers. Time Warner is also the parent company of American television HBO.

, according to Nomura, a market research firm, expects Hulu to spend more than 600 million dollars in 2014 to $1 billion 500 million in 2015 over the past two months in a frenzy of buying streaming content.

, however, the aforementioned informed sources, the current financial negotiations have not yet entered the advanced stage.

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