The secret of the fiery WeChat mask Market Monthly ncome of tens of thousands of grass roots owners

in today’s Internet rapid development situation, I believe you for a lot of micro electricity providers, taking advantage of the Internet to get rich overnight a monthly income of over million cases also believe that the hearts of many people for having heard it many times, longing, hope I can have such a success. So, this project we can do it! Let me today, and the webmaster, the electricity supplier in the development of the Internet, want to have friends to explore, in the mask market fiery, big game player to earn pours, we grassroots can share



last time I wrote an article on the mask, the results of a lot of mask agent to add my WeChat. Ask me a lot of questions. Many people ask me how to add fans, how to promote and so on. Of course, some earn very little agents to find me. All say oneself not to earn money, but their home is to earn a lot of money.

a lot of friends think it is their own methods or technical problems, in fact, in this mode, you lose not only in technology and methods, you lose more in price. They can spend hundreds of thousands to squeeze the goods, they have an absolute price advantage. The people know that the price advantage is very important. So if you do not get a good price, then you pay and income is not proportional. Your family will always earn more than you.

so, in order to be successful in this hot market, you have to find the best way to get the best price. It may earn a lot of money, or you can only put two thousand dollars every month thousands, you want to really not possible monthly income of tens of thousands.

so now WeChat mask market still do it?

a lot of Master said that the market did not have to engage in, in fact, can not eat grapes are sour. According to my visual inspection of this model is still a long time to do.

maybe a lot of people will feel such a model for small agents Yahuo not kind, but I found a small cargo agent pressure is lazy and do not want to invest the money people dream. If you really want to do is agency should not only think about the development of the agent, because your price is the most expensive, you should think of ways to the development of the customer terminal. If you really want to make a lot of money, then you have to invest in a large number of goods, the price control. But the risk is great.

so the price advantage of the big players how they earn so much money:

let God I 11 for you to solve these doubts: first, they mask products through a variety of resources for a very high profit, and then through the bidding mode development agency. They will use a variety of network resources to recruit thousands of agents to help them sell products, and allow their agents to continue to recruit agents. Because the profit space is very large, so it is possible to recruit a three or four agent. Simple calculation, the profit of about 20 yuan per box, then, he has a total of ten thousand agents, each agent can sell up to 10 boxes per day, >

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