How traditional enterprises in the nternet ever young content marketing

content marketing is here to stay, that is, you now see this page. The problem is, you can bet that your competitors are doing, and may be better than you do. To be successful, you need to put more effort into creating better content. To be honest, you don’t really want to read, and you don’t want to share them with your friends.

if you are in a "boring company", then you need to do more, no excuses. Qin Shihuang spent his whole life could not find what he wants ever-young medicine recipe, I can not find, but how traditional enterprises in the Internet ever-young, now let me tell you a secret.

1: make your content really valuable

I know that some of you but if the contents of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, not on your customer value, then you are wasting your time, you are worth, are those for your users really useful things. It can be interesting data points, and even some simple entertainment. So, the hand piece (write humorous scripts people) is the real operation of micro-blog and WeChat public number of people.

soft Wen marketing is part of the content of the marketing, take soft Wen for example: when your soft Wen or a series of ideas can call people (friends, colleagues……) gain or enjoy, this is a good start. When your soft Wen can guide a friend to share his circle of friends, you have really let your soft text content become valuable.

share a case: red bull.

Red Bull has become a metaphor for functional drinks. Go and look at their home page, without mentioning their products. Instead, their home page is a content center where you can read or watch videos that are amazing things that athletes do. The text, pictures, and videos on their website make it "valuable", so people like to read the contents of their web site and share some of their friends.

two: quality is greater than the product

soft Wen is not advertising, don’t put the soft Wen when advertising, good soft Wen is a good article. Most companies are trying to build their own soft marketing team, but most of these companies are only producing junk articles (honestly, indeed). On the Internet, you can use a variety of media, so that your company really grow up.

don’t think about what you are writing this article, think about what you want to talk about, and then find out what the media is more appropriate to release your soft.

said today it is not soft enough, too, need any media to do marketing, such as WeChat, micro-blog also benefit.

three: give you the content of a home

you need a fully fledged content center that can be created on a blog or created on your enterprise website to ensure that you

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