Low cost marketing how to do

regardless of your business, brand is big or small,

low-cost marketing may be just need".

in the "shortcut" on the road, you must not alone.

but, I would say:

sometimes, low cost marketing is a waste of


sometimes, the high budget is "low cost"!

how to understand the "low cost marketing"


how to properly implement the low cost marketing


one, the understanding of "low-cost marketing"

referred to the "low cost" marketing, usually the most easy to think of the first brand self built media – official from the media.

further, is to find ways to catch up with hot spots or make yourself a hot spot".

, or simply do not have to pay any of the hard wide and even soft wide, engage in direct sales promotion sales.

but, you don’t think about it:

sometimes, low and even no money marketing is a waste of energy!

in particular, the spread of low cost and low effect, but also wasted the time cost of branding.

look at how many brands from the media can (official micro) really play a key role in marketing, leading role?

and how many will blindly chase hot brand can get fans attention and response?

a lot of small brands can dream like a big brand, a little new move, will become the focus of attention.

if you as a limited budget, lack of influence of the brand, this "small (cost) broad (effect)" thinking, and even to "extraordinary" move Bo eyeball character and event marketing, I do not mind, can only say it will be famous it as "the lottery", the probability is not high.

In contrast to

, the big brand budget is sufficient, but most of the time, with its brand influence and resources, but more likely to spend money to do it – like celebrity, people always instinctively, giving more attention to the brand, this is the "famous brand effect".

sometimes, the high budget is "low cost", because the relative return will be higher!

marketing, stroke is wisdom + courage".

is the courage, budget, both large and small brand brand, regardless of big money money, income, the flowers should be spent.

wisdom, is the strategic and tactical terms, but also on the professional marketing, how to spend every penny out of the best value.

small brands to grow up quickly, sometimes have to dare to spend money, money for time.

drops, fast,

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