The use of popular event marketing minutes detonated large flow

recently, online hot events, first UNIQLO event, today a YY live event. Of course, this kind of event is the most easy to attract people’s attention, because it is related to the color word.

shisexingye, visible color words are very important to many people. Of course, today we are not talking about pornography, today I want to talk with you is how to attract traffic by popular events.

personal experience using hot event drain:

I was more than nine in the morning, see someone say what YY live events, this time, I went to Baidu search (please forgive me also a lascivious person, the qualities of men!), only a dozen sites were released on this article news.

and Sina micro-blog has some of this associated with micro-blog, but most are used to attract traffic, followed by personal micro signal. This time I will borrow those pictures on the site, and then wrote a popular event associated with the title, I know a lot of people will search keywords Moumou event video download, so in the title I have added this sentence.

came back in the evening, I read my blog, open the article, reading has reached 10000+. I went into the background to see the independent IP, is ten times as much as usual.


I also look at the Baidu traffic statistics from the visitors search keywords, more than 1 thousand search keywords are about the event. And I just sent two pictures in my blog, the text is written but there are only 100 words.

is the use of such a popular event, the success of the blog to increase the number of IP. Of course, some people will say that you have a flow of wool ah. Are some color flow. As useful or useless, I will no longer argue with you, anyway, it is easy to rely on such a few days into thousands of seemingly easy. Today, we say is how to use hot events to increase traffic.

talked about here, I’ll share with you again, last year, I use the blog with a piece of information, but also for the success of their own blog added thousands of IP. And that was not a hot event about pornography.

that I was in the A5 webmaster network above to see a consultation, talking about the 5sing site is closed, and the specific reasons we do not know, the official did not give a reply. 5 webmaster network information published above the official title is written, just like the traditional media, what 5sing site or for some reason and was closed.

The title of

is the headline of news, that is, to tell the reader what has happened. However, some readers love to ah. Well, I’ll change the title.

What did

change to? I changed the title to: >

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