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20 years ago, the product is king;

10 years ago, information is king;

5 years ago, the channel is king;


in the tide of changing in Denver, not all industries to earn as much money, each period has a dominant commercial wealth pattern in the knowledge economy, sweeping across the world today, the creation of wealth on behalf of the new economy of knowledge under the most advanced commercial wealth pattern and the most efficient wealth accumulation rule. Who is the first to realize and grasp the pattern, who will be the first talent shows itself as a representative of wealth. Bill · Gates,,, and…… The legend of these digital heroes is the best proof!

The development and popularization of

Internet technology has changed people’s access to information, but also changed people’s work habits and lifestyle. In the Internet era, as long as any traditional industry can find its network business model, it will certainly be able to get business opportunities: QQ, Alibaba, eBay, dangdang…… Whether you are engaged in an industry which, no matter how much he traditional, old, you should do it! – always pay attention to the Internet technology of every small progress, looking for possibilities of collaboration between the industry and the Internet, find the most valuable business model……

China is a big country with a population of one billion and three hundred million, laid-off, graduation, unemployment, low job satisfaction, job hopping…… The same thing happens every day in every province, every city, every street. The employer said to find a good talent, job seekers can’t find a good job, every time you hear these words! Online recruitment information, although many are a waste of time, see a good job resume but without hearing a word about on-site job fairs; and although the enterprise once more difficult but close at hand, the sea and the unit completely communicate and resume but no echo indiscriminately buy a newspaper; talents for a long time to address the pro employer interview did an interview in a still work is not available.

layoffs, laid-off workers, college enrollment, graduates increased

employment, work, survival!

these constitute the greatest pressure on the building of a harmonious society!

What about


if the above problems can be easily solved for the society, for the enterprise, for job seekers, happiness and interests for the family of online video network? China recruitment network, information network recruitment and real zero distance perfect video chat with, subvert the traditional mode, create brilliant era. To join the network video recruitment project, to find a job quickly and find a good job satisfaction is the common pursuit of all the candidates, and the network business model is the fastest mode of wealth, as long as any of a traditional industry can find the network business model. It is dug a golden road: as everyone knows, in the bookstore the achievements of the Internet, do online market achievements of the Alibaba, in the network.

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