How to do a good job of local food website positioning and operation

every webmaster in at the beginning of the site, very clear positioning of their own website and website of the target customer base, then, in the specific promotion work, how should we look for their target customers, so as to promote their own websites? The combination of personal operation strategy of Changshu delicacy network to talk about specific. I hope to help a friend in the new station.

1, the first search engine included, add articles, so that the site looks full.

because we do the local delicacy review site, just start shops rely on our own to add, but the problem is to add a good shop the site can not IP or not, and several websites advertising in local influential, good really had not less members, and to continue to participate in the website comments prizes by the way of membership is up.

summary of the site before the words or to spend some money to let more people know that you have this site two is rich in content. People come, how to keep your members. Can be discounted and business alliance, the issue of discount tickets on the site, the members will often pay attention to the dynamics of your site.

2 site has been included, the content also has, the following will start to promote, and this is the most concerned about.

There are many ways to promote


is the first prize for early promotion, website promotion, we design a post comments to win gift activities, but also designed a simple and interesting "dazhuaipan happy program, members can click on the turntable every day happy, to see their own luck…… Winners get prizes. Through these activities, the visibility of the site, and the site’s traffic has greatly improved. At the same time we also and the local life Forum: Changshu community to establish relations of cooperation, in Changshu opened a special community in Changshu, music in the kitchen to eat two plates, so the more enhance the members and our delicacy interactive network.

second promotion methods, I chose the Baidu post Sogou search in the promotion, several times every day, issued a different topic, but use different vest top. Posts have a picture, the picture with a web site name and domain name or directly add a link. I should have practical content, pictures will not be deleted posts. But the most important thing is to work hard to promote the forum posting, to take the initiative. When posting is also a skill, do not let others see it is advertising, so it is easy to be deleted.

third promotion methods, thematic promotion. Dedicated to the production of a current topic, at that time I did three topics: one is the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs topics, collecting small dynamic news about the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, therefore also specially contacted the farms crab to visit a boss, it also provides a platform for communication and the opportunity to care about the crab sellers and buyers. The second is the dinner on New Year’s Eve topics, and we were all merchants to communicate, to businesses launched the package the dinner on New Year’s Eve sort out contact.

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