Do you sell MOE today

began in 2003 in Tokyo " ", adorable culture in a short period of 12 years; has been sweeping China, new power consumption was 80, 90 favorite, facing the new main consumer, brand gradually postures with young consumer groups, selling brand marketing has become the adorable young new.

Coca-Cola launched the nickname bottle, the coke bottle can also Meng Meng Da high cold; serious the Imperial Palace to play through, go from the Meng kichiku wind; the launch of Tmall chief officer is to sell adorable, you look adorable…… In the trend of selling adorable marketing, how to make their own brand of Meng Da


brand linkage, Meng people

is famous for its high cold image of the financial sector, GF credit card selling adorable farther down the road, one day playing Emoji GF share elements, started selling adorable signs. The two day to IP Yan GF share dumpling strength further narrow the brand and sell adorable, the audience’s distance.


and other brands to sell adorable marketing options creation of self IP, GF share with Yan dumpling brand linkage, with the existing IP Cute image and precipitation fans adorable, reduce the day selling cost sharing GF GF credit card adorable, help the rapid activation of the brand image of young and interesting, to narrow the gap between young group and brand the distance.

spread diversity, MOE full

everything can be Meng, make full use of IP, identify consumer MOE, in order to allow users to automatically fall into the brand embrace.

GF sharing in the process of communication, in addition to the IP expression also played a sell adorable, Yan dumpling personification and the advantages of virtualization, which can lead the dumpling dressing Cosplay fun fairy tale world, you can also follow the ball through the paintings, but also back to the real embodiment of chief officer to lead everybody chop hand GF double 11 double 12 buy buy buy.


(GF share day Yan dumpling Cosplay fairy tale hero, fairy tale world more love.



(GF share on Yan dumpling through painting, art can also Meng Meng da.


brand only continue to dig IP sell Meng DNA, diversification of communication, in order to maintain freshness, stimulate the user’s attention, but also let " sell Meng " no longer single, brand Meng fuller.

multi scene exposure interaction, nowhere MOE

CNNIC thirty-seventh "development Chinese Internet Statistics Report" shows that Chinese netizens had reached 688 million, of which more than 90% mobile phone users, mobile information era, consumers receive information more diverse and fragmented, multi scene exposure, allowing users to participate in communication, in order to get the attention of consumers.


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