Amoy through Baidu product marketing and skin care products category

Baidu products has powerful advantage in Baidu search rankings, Tao guest how to use Baidu products to promote skin care products?

a, Baidu Encyclopedia

Baidu encyclopedia is an authoritative product business card, if you can edit hyperlinks, the flow can be imagined. "Kaifandi" as an example, the introduction of the encyclopedia is very simple, you can get more content from other wikis, increase Taobao guest link at the end of the reference.

two, Baidu know

Baidu know the same as Baidu products have a high weight and ranking. Baidu know ranking in the top five Baidu home seat. The discovery of some guest operating methods through the observation, if the reply plus Taobao customers may not directly through the link in question later, if the URL rate will be increased by re encoding (not only generate short connections, we can study under which way)

also can be said, or ask a friend to answer questions, mainly do the long tail word.





three, Baidu post bar

is the same as "Kaifandi" for example, Baidu search Post Bar Kaifandi, there will be a Kaifandi. The observation of many posts, found a common feature is that there is no direct link with the reply, may also be added not through basic links through the guest is generally in reply comments.


is the other stick inside the questions can be used as the expansion of keywords, oh, we choose the long tail keywords can refer to the next.


four, Baidu library

can see many articles about skin care in the Baidu library, most of them are Tao guest share, in addition to the Taobao customer link, do not know now whether can continue to practice.


five, Baidu space

Baidu space to do a similar Taobao blog, but the link is too much easier to be sealed, the space is currently ranked is not very good, we can choose to do something.



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