Clever use of micro blog templates marketing personal website

micro-blog marketing is a relatively simple and convenient way of marketing, the following talk about how to use micro-blog template approach to marketing.

a, what is micro-blog template marketing

so-called micro-blog template, here mainly refers to Sina micro-blog custom micro-blog template features.

words do not say, look at the following picture will know:


two, how to achieve micro-blog template marketing

Sina micro-blog in your home page click on the template – Custom – use the background map – browse upload…… (don’t say anything back, easy).

three, custom template "notes"

first, taking into account the Sina original text, it is recommended to select the "not tile", "center" mode.

second, up and down to use transparent effect (with Photoshop is easy to do).

third, recommended to choose the "lock" mode, no matter how on the next page, you can see the website advertising, ha ha. See the results (the right side of the site domain name address):


fourth, the size of the head area is recommended for 800×115, you can also make use of the left and right sides to do the design area, the template is more exciting.

four, micro-blog template marketing effect how

others came to your micro-blog, the first thing you see is not the article, but the head of the ad, the effect should be very good. At present, my website one day traffic of about several hundred (of course, there are other ways of marketing with the colours), now if you search for "Nanjing lawyer free consultation" in Baidu, the first is my website (ask the lawyer), search for "Nanjing lawyer", also on the first page of Baidu, ha ha.

if you have other good sites or micro-blog marketing approach, welcome to communicate with me, in particular, welcomed the lawyer or legal website owners. This article starts A5, ask lawyer network Original: very welcome to communicate with me.

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