Apple millet Wang Laoji’s secret of success One focus

Abstract: millet, apple, we are learning to model, person is the same, today do lose weight, acne tomorrow, what to make money doing what will eventually be lost, not knowing what to do, this is common to most people, too.


The success of

enterprises have the success of the method, we do not have to imitate, but we must learn, why some enterprises just a few years will be able to quickly and successfully jumped up, industry brand, the majority of users love, just open this brother to talk with you about it.

first, the pain of not focusing

1, do tired

Many people like

traditional industries, mostly because of "mode. Of course, the Internet is also able to reflect this, do more than cattle, eat less cats. Why do you live too much too miscellaneous, what to do, what to wind, with what, what is not the result of professional, said the technology did not technology, said that the experience is no practical experience. Dry every day, sleep late, the body is not good, the spirit is not good, stay up every day.

2, easy to lose direction


do, what to do, what are connected, as long as the money on the work, it is easy to lose yourself, sometimes idle, do not know what you are good at, what seems to understand, what can be done, may get shot like No. One of the few young people who are in a dry line.

3, the probability of success is low

has a lot of friends around, Taobao fire Taobao, micro business and micro business, cater to the trend was not what is wrong, can not have a clear positioning, just blindly catering, Keegan instability, the failure rate is very high. Although now universal derivative, can defeat the majority, did not make any money, why not? Their core competitiveness, but also rushed to the blind die, die etc..

two, the focus of the benefits of

1, work easy

every day to do the same thing, easy, and still has time to do research, to do the experiment, it is easy to do this thing, all the time to focus on a point, spend 5 years to 10 years, do not have too difficult, as long as not stupid. This year there are fools?

2, clear direction

focus on one point, only in one direction, not to the west to the East, which the project is good, which is more profitable, so more focus, clear thinking, can see the successful progress every day, easier to find and feel confident.

3, easy to succeed

anyone, as long as the focus of 1 years to study an industry, can become an expert, whether it is writing, or SEO, or network promotion, concentrate on one thing a point, the probability of success is very high.

three, case

1, Baidu


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