Zero risk commitment to enhance the turnover rate of network marketing

in network marketing, the most difficult is to solve the problem of trust.

harder than the line.

can solve the problem of trust in the target group, it is possible to achieve your marketing results.

electricity providers, micro business… A variety of "business" so much, fierce competition, to achieve sales, promotion is the first, but, from the promotion of potential users, how to enter the final link into the purchase decision?

in the final analysis is still a trust problem.

customers often see a product or service, would like to get, the price is appropriate, but has been concerned about, that is, fear of risk, do not believe.

so I can’t make up my mind to buy.

If you sell something on the

network, compared with the degree of trust, I personally feel that this is mainly the case:

1 customers are your acquaintances, but there are not many of them.

2 you are a brand, big enough to be trusted.

3 you are a public figure or a long time to provide content from the media, reputation can also be used as an endorsement of your credit.

and in addition to these situations, there will be problems of lack of trust.

customer network transaction concerns, mainly:

1 is not afraid of the arrival of the goods, the fear of receiving something less than 2 to describe the effect of

even now using secured transactions or Taobao and three party trading platform, even if it is cash on delivery, to reassure customers completely.

secured transactions, the role of more is to solve the worries of the received.

I paid the money, you do not give me something, then I do not confirm receipt.

so the problem is solved.

but received something, I started using it, is not in line with the description of your business, in line with the expected results?

if not, what should I do as a buyer?

in short, there will be concerns, this concern will lead to the loss of some of the potential orders.

some platforms, such as Taobao, there will be no reason to return seven days and other regulations.

there are many sellers are not traded on these platforms, as well as the effect of a lot of products or services, far more than 7 days to determine.

as a seller, it is best to make a commitment to zero risk in the description.

especially for virtual products or services.

zero risk commitment, you can set a standard, such as not up to this standard, the seller will make what kind of compensation, refund or other compensation methods, etc.. >

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