WeChat public number of graphic economy

we have listened to the fans economy, but for the graphic economy, we may not have heard of. In fact, our graphic is our content, but also directly related to our earnings.

for graphics, we need to have the following main points:

first: reading volume

The amount of reading

our content is a direct response to our material is the most direct way, we read through the content of the article, can directly see what is suitable for our fans, what is not our fans love. Pictured:


for this number, we this content is placed in the headlines, but the amount of reading this article we and our fans is not proportional to the amount of reading, in my opinion, the content should be up to five thousand or six thousand. Why read amount we have so little is mainly concerned with our fans, we have no good to control our fans love is what kind of, don’t know our fans are what kind of a group, such as:


we can see that our fans is the basic male fans, so we need to combine the updated content attribute of our fans, for men, love everyone is beauty, rape, etc. the content of these keywords. However, some would say, although our fans are dominated by men, but we still have a large part of the population is female ah, say so, but we do not want to meet us men’s needs, we also need to consider our female fans, can not say that we made a little color the content, although we are able to meet our needs of male fans, but for these people, really will share out and how much? We are more lewd inside the heart, but we are not in a public occasion under the good meaning, so that although most of the male lust, but really able to fit men the content sharing out only a small part of. There is our long-term development of these contents, for those female fans will feel our content is not what they love, not nutritious things, although we admit now that women are very open, but we are not so content of female fans may share, there is a long time then, it will cancel the attention.

second: forwarding share

is mainly to see the amount forwarded to share our content whether Madden, good content will be widely spread, we share our forwarding is to expand the exposure rate, so we can only rely on content to promote our fans.

third: material type

the type of our material is mainly for our fans like what type of copy, so >

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