Keyword marketing and promotion

work with Ma for Internet a "net sales", Taobao this seed has grown to be the heaven uncle, followed by Taobao and the rise of countless prospectors from from all sides want to stampede in, share a cup of "golden soup"! Of course, I am also a member of the gold rush in, but unlike most gold, I am not the owner of Taobao, the Taobao gold network but a passenger using Taobao this e-commerce platform


choose industry reasons:

everyone has a gold rush for everyone, with me as an example:

I need to go to work every day, not a lot of time and energy in the shop itself.

initial funding is very narrow promotion, not suitable for wholesale sales approach.

platform for users of the restrictions and fetters made me feel cramped, so are more willing to choose independent business website.

I prefer to know

promotion for their own


to sum up, I became a guest in the Taobao gold, in the promotion of their own site, but also focused on trying to promote a number of ways, here to share with you!

site essential: keyword

is well known, a physical store needs to generate profits, there must be a guest to the door, network sales and physical stores, want to generate sales, it is necessary to log on to our website. Of course, any type of business owners want to be able to crack the site every day to break the threshold, but in the end what we can let users come to our website?


online shopping in general to find products, usually through the Internet on the existing search engine keyword search, such as my website products are mainly diet pills, so when I was named, in addition to the beginning of the product name, the back will also join the "diet pills, fast to lose weight, weight loss products" and other key words in the brackets, the aim of this course is to search these key users on the network can directly click to enter our website


how to find their own keywords?

actually set the key word is a learning process, when we find suitable keywords, is a learning process, we can put you can think of all the key word for the site, of course, these words are not tough to join, and is in a suitable position to join in, in addition to these we can think of keywords, we can also find the same type of website, see how they set of keywords, but also in the learning process, you will be very surprised to find that some of you do not know the keyword


enhance performance: Q & a promotion

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