give the road to commemorate the first anniversary of the establishment of the company

more than a year of exploration, I "give way" along the way is a lot of harvest, but also a lot of emotion.

to do things according to their interests can persist, can break through, I study trade, serving in a good state, because I couldn’t stand the boring work and depressed environment, I work in Yugan from the "private lives", shares of the company of friends, by comparison iron, so it is reassuring to take care of him, I seldom say matters of the company.

company’s main business is to do lathe processing, but do more than this line, the competition is very fierce, resulting in lower prices. Finally only earn residual iron processing costs, I and friends together, the blind alley cannot walk, talk a night, finally we decided to play their own brand, we have to use the convenience of others processing, we launched their own products — coupling.

but a problem in front of us, where to find the market before? I only heard of Alibaba, also know some successful business. From the Internet to find customers, to learn their own website, but the website is done, the result was not ideal, then I ask the net friend, know the website to make even after the promotion, or the website will be an electronic album, submerged in the vast sea.

then I know that network promotion in addition to the B2B website, and the larger piece of cake, search engine promotion (English abbreviated SEO), to allow customers to search product, can make your company’s website in the search engine front row, I find online learning related articles, and then take the company website to do a "white rat, slowly, product ranking began to rise, ranking from 110-62-23, finally entered the natural ranking of the first page, Lm=0& si=& rn=10& ie=gb2312& ct=0& wd=%C1%AA%D6%E1%C6%F7& pn=10& cl=3

one day I received a call from Qingdao, remember, I was holding the microphone in hand trembling, I carefully quote after the next two days, is anxiously waiting for, it is our first online inquiry, no two days, customers in the contract by fax. So we easily made the first list, although only more than ten thousand yuan, but let us confidence greatly increased. Continue to increase efforts to promote the network, now our company two website Baidu ranked the top five, basic customer calls every day to reach 3-6, the business volume rapid growth during the first half of the year, we completed about 2000000 online orders.

writing is not good, please forgive me, I hope the same work on network promotion and network operators to communicate with me. QQ:653259004.

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