About SEO such as address potential demand of users

according to the recent search engine algorithm fine-tuning, you can see that this year, the search engine will still be like last year, the same as the user oriented slowly. So we engaged in the SEO industry, the majority of the webmaster how to keep consistent with the search engine, so that the user – based optimization is actually very simple, to solve the hidden needs can achieve our goal.

so what exactly is implicit demand

in general, the implicit demand is that users in the use of search engines when they think of some of the goods and services needed. This demand is generally not directly raised, or can not organize language to express. For example, the search for "computer host" part of the user is to ask, how can the computer host to maintain constant temperature operation". When you search for a "computer host," the search engine is a drop – down menu. But the general master to understand the operation of the thermostat is very important. This is a hidden demand, of course, this is just an example I casually cite. It is precisely because of the existence of such a wide range of implicit demand, so that we do not have to do is to optimize the marketing site or have a great pioneering. So in order to do better in the peer, the implicit needs must be resolved.

how to understand the user’s implicit needs is what

to understand the hidden needs of our customers, you have to know what the user needs. As long as you know what the user really needs, then we can tap the user’s needs. The easiest way to do this is through the search engine drop-down menu. Users can also be appropriate communication and communication. Or directly to find our own investors to understand, after all, our leadership of the market they know more than we do.

to solve the hidden needs of the user benefits

on the solution to the user’s implicit needs can give us the benefits of the total have been: increase the probability of our consumer consumption. Many users because we help them to solve the implicit demand will greatly trust on our site, you can narrow the distance between us and the user. Increase the viscosity of our website. Search engine will find the user to stay in our site for a long time, that our site jump rate is low, the site quality is very high.

to sum up, webmaster and site marketing staff if you can well solve the user’s implicit demand, can be able to better locate the user’s information. To do a good job site marketing. Now the Internet era, is such a user based era, only truly user oriented, in order to go beyond your competitors.

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