The combination of CPS advertising alliance and blog marketing

The advantage of

CPS advertising alliance in e-commerce should be to maximize the use of network resources, and the growing popularity of the blog has become a major resource in the network resources. Can consider the combination of the 2, but also a major trend in the development of CPS advertising alliance worthy of our discussion.

to carry out CPS advertising alliance, is to allow more people to understand and to buy their own products, if the alliance members have network resources. The traditional approach is to place the crowd on the site of the webmaster body, so that the resources of the new WEB2.0 users are not considered. Can you consider to join the blog users to join the CPS advertising alliance? We can consider the following aspects:

The number of blogs used by

: the growth rate of blogs is amazing. Web2.0 time to make any, it is convenient to have a blog or even to the point where you don’t want! So the blogger’s growth is explosive growth, if these resources get reasonable guide, the influence of the infinite will be

!The internal driving force of the

blog blog: now we know that the development of the crowd, but insist to blog not too many people (the registration of the whole consideration), many bloggers have opened blog and not to ignore the existence of blog. One reason for this is the lack of an inherent driving force. Why many enterprise blog updated daily management, better, and many personal blogger blog abandoned imagination obviously, this is also why. If the connotation of the CPS advertising alliance to join the blog, this blog is a big push for the development of resources on the blog is also a good guide.

blog of the target population: the overall analysis of the blog is a personal interest for more, more entertaining things. Of course, there are also want to enterprises such as Bo network dedicated to the use of professional professional blog. No matter what type of blog, many of his target audience and their users, all types of products companies can find their own targeted customers in the blog. If the blog to guide the crowd to the shopping center of e-commerce shopping is a big push.

blog into the scope of the CPS advertising alliance, is to expand the market of mutually beneficial behavior. At the same time for e-commerce company increase in sales more into its own brand influence; for bloggers, with the use of the opportunity driven blog is more intense, Bowen will write better, share something more; for consumers, need to understand the product brand choice through the approval degree of netizens more real. The expansion of this niche market will be a new breakthrough for CPS.

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