Three strategies for sustainable development of B2C electricity supplier website

is now on the market there are too many to count the electronic commerce website, there are a variety of B2C sites, where the odd competition is fierce, the survival of the fittest, not be eliminated, B2C website how to break out in the thousands on thousands of websites? There are many sites to stand outside promotion, for example, for marketing, marketing news, micro-blog marketing and so on. But an electricity supplier website to achieve sustainable development, especially in the station optimization, summarized below briefly three strategies for sustainable development B2C

electricity supplier website

a, product display strategy

(1) product video presentation is also very important, especially for some of the more complex.

(2) listed the best-selling products. This is a good way to increase the probability of conversion.

(3) can be compared to shopping, which allows users to find more suitable for their products from the comparison of similar products.

(4) is like some of the community forums on the site. We can share the experience of the product and so on.

(5) can be guaranteed for their own prices, to ensure that their prices in the market is the lowest.

(6) will highlight the advantages of their products, and repeat to tell consumers.

(7) will be unique to show their products, so that the product can be favored by customers.

(8) show customers some praise for services, products.

two, customer marketing strategy

(1) flexible use of QQ mailing list, QQ mailing list is a successful promotion of the delivery of the 100%, but also a free promotion. QQ mail list can be used to do activities.

(2) in the Email to provide some of the goods discount code. In this way the foreign website practices. This is a good way to stimulate consumption, but also for the promotion of the effect is relatively good.

(3) we must have the characteristics of e-mail marketing advertising, can really attract customer interest.

(4) for some loyal customers to give special treatment, so as to increase the old customer loyalty to the brand.

(5) for some recommended customers should be given a certain bonus for many customers are more attractive.

(6) for first-time customers should follow up, you can understand the customer experience of the product, such as.

(7) and must pay attention to encourage users to comment, in fact, this is an important step in the transformation of.

(8) should be based on their own conditions for charity career support, which is more meaningful for customers.

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