Take this 250 million A station can continue for a second

the evening of November 22nd, Chinese online (300364.SZ) bursts two announcement, intends to Guangzhou barrage network technology Limited (Acfun) and its original shareholders signed "on the Guangzhou barrage network technology limited capital increase agreement", Chinese online intends to cash invested 250 million yuan to subscribe for a 13.51% stake in A station. Calculated in accordance with the contribution and accounting for the proportion of A station valuation reached 1 billion 850 million yuan.

this is the first time the valuation of the A station was exposed, but also after the Austrian entertainment alliance Chinese online for the integration of the two dimension of the ecological industry chain downstream another action. BiliBili barrage network (station B) November 2015 D round of financing Tencent 200 million yuan investment, the valuation of more than 1 billion 700 million yuan. Although not disclosed, B station valuation should be far more than $1 billion 700 million, and has begun to invest in other pan two dimensional company.


AcFun barrage video network, referred to as "A", was founded in June 2007, from the Anime Comic Fun, is the first mainland Chinese barrage video site, China gathered two dimensional culture lovers.

share ratio changes very subtle

Chinese online investment A station, but also to disclose the shares of all shareholders to disclose the situation. But could not find the previous Huace figure of strategic investment A station and A station of the CEO Liu Yanyan stake of 1.7%, Chinese online as A station second shareholders. Cai Dongqing, director of the company, the actual holding of the company’s holdings fell to 54.77%, is still the largest shareholder of A station () for the Austrian Entertainment (002292.SZ) major shareholder, holding a stake of 44.33%, but also the Chinese online shareholders. Potato culture holdings fell to 13.23%, the largest shareholder, the current CEO Liu Yanyan holdings fell to $1.47% in.


Chinese shares before the

stake in the proportion of A station


Chinese online stake in the proportion of A station

had invested 50 million Huace disappeared in the list of shareholders, also means that the A in a power struggle within the station exit, but we can make nothing of it. Secondly, the investment in the stock of potatoes culture decreased, and did not maintain the original or the proportion of holdings, A station may prove Ali al Entertainment Group in position to become not so important. In contrast, B station, still backed Tencent, IDG capital giants.

although the A station has the tradition of replacing CEO on every successful financing, and the change from >

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