How clever the search engine is

the use of black hat SEO, there is more or less a hypothesis, that is, the search engine is not smart. In the last few days of the search engine to determine how the spam messages, there are readers think I fast search engine as a god.

I think a lot of people will have this idea, the reason is very simple, the search results contain a lot of cheating sites, spam sites. If the search engine is really so smart, how these sites will rank well?

search engine in the end how clever, today to talk about their ideas.

first of all, from the point of view, the main search engine engineers, most of them are doctoral masters, brand-name school graduates should be very much. I was in high school and college, but also a good mathematical arithmetic. But I ask, can easily enter and complete the Tsinghua University Department of physics or computer doctoral master? Objectively speaking,. I was the score of the college entrance examination scores Tsinghua scores, but did not report tsinghua. At that time is the first voluntary reporting, after the examination. How did you know when you volunteered?. I heard that now is the first exam after the volunteer?

anyway, judging from their own four years of college life, will continue to read the possibility of science and engineering graduate students. Advanced mathematics, probability theory, electromagnetic field… People get confused and disoriented. Those who can pass the exam, but also to complete the master’s degree in science and engineering doctoral studies, no doubt smarter than me. I think they’re smarter than most people.

search engine inside a lot of people, I believe also have their own website. They are the site of the station, people will know what some quoin. I do not know whether the search engine for the master of the algorithm is to prohibit the operation of their own web site, or very unfair. But I think if there is such a requirement, estimated that many people participate in the search engine company before doing a web site.

some black hat technique is not difficult to understand. Like Matt Cutts and others all day with the webmaster community communication, participate in all the search engine conference. Google has been encouraging users to report spam sites. In a variety of SEO head and the forum, I also believe that the search engine in the undercover. Including black hat forums and buying and selling links.

We do

I think 99.9% people can think of the black hat tactics, search engines know. The rest of the 0.1%, should belong to the very clever alternative. I’m afraid that people who are smart enough to do that don’t look at my blog.

so I have always believed that, do not assume that search engines do not know the black hat trick of those little trick. They must know. The problem is how to accurately identify the black hat algorithm algorithm, how to take action to punish the removal of these spam sites, but not hurt innocent?.

there are several computer based artificial intelligence can be compared with human intelligence. Based on memory and statistics

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