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in the social media continues to become popular in the Internet era, more and more enterprises, and even individuals, want to establish brand image through content marketing. However, in such a hot social era, many enterprises in the industry are wandering in the edge of socialization, confused on how to carry out the enterprise content marketing. "Boring" industry how to use content marketing "fresh"? This is a blog on Quicksprout (How to Use Content Marketing For a "Boring" Industry), describes how these "boring" industries of content marketing.


era of socialization, content marketing will bring thousands of traffic to the enterprise website, you will be ranked in search engines such as Google top list. Because of its effectiveness, content marketing by thousands of companies sought to A new force suddenly rises. in social media.

however, why are you still to be completely indifferent? Because you feel that you are in a "boring" of the industry, right? But I want to say is, in the social era, there is no so-called "boring" industry, but because of your lack of innovation, not to write. So, instead of making objective reasons for yourself, it’s better to see how you can do content marketing for what you call a "boring" industry.

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to talk about topics such as health, dating or politics, but it’s a little difficult to do content marketing for topics such as finance, dentistry or insurance. This may be the crux of what you think is boring. However, you do not see, in these areas, many people have begun to content marketing as the core of their strategy. These areas are highly competitive, but the content marketing companies can be very good to meet this competition. The most important thing is that this means of competition is very cheap.

so, don’t worry, no matter what industry you are in, after reading this article, you always think of the idea of content marketing.

help customers solve problems

I’m sure you know who your ideal customers are, and you know what they’re facing. I also believe that the customer’s problem is not just a product or a service, but also a common problem you face in your personal and business life.

For example, for KISSmetrics, our core customers are marketing vice president or marketing director of

. Our goal is to help them analyze the problem. Although KISSmetrics offers only analytical solutions to customer sales in the business, we also help them solve other marketing difficulties. For example, through our blog

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