Share micro blog marketing strategy in the actual combat experience above

use micro-blog to promote their own marketing products, the most important thing is to operate their own micro-blog, to be able to let us advertise their products. So how can your marketing micro-blog? The principle and we do like micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, content positioning, propaganda and so on. Some people often ask me, is there a tutorial can be used to help them quickly and accurately grasp, run micro-blog propaganda way?

Does have a lot of this tutorial on the

network, often jumbly, uneven in quality. Some of the contents of a comprehensive, but not detailed enough; although with some, but the lack of explanation of cases or covers only one point, but I personally feel that a way to explain its operation, a focus on the individual case, will let the readers have a subtle influence on how to operate a micro-blog. The following will be detailed to share my experience in the actual marketing of micro-blog.

a, micro-blog positioning and named

as the name of their children, like, our micro-blog also need a loud, easy to remember, have a profound meaning of the name, in order to promote the brand, the image of the show. First of all, we need to locate micro-blog, to make what kind of micro-blog? Micro-blog for the group is what? This is what we must first solve the problem.

a good name is often able to achieve a multiplier effect of micro-blog. Here are several commonly used micro-blog naming scheme.

1 combined with their own purpose of opening micro-blog;

when we open micro-blog is to marketing their products to micro-blog, the name, because the purpose of clear keywords must highlight their own industry, taking into account the search engine, give consideration to the target group of the search habits, and to cope with the keyword exposure, in order to obtain more opportunities to be retrieved.

2 combined with their actual situation;

when he is famous, or want to impersonate celebrities to gather popularity, this celebrity name is the best choice for micro-blog name. If you are just an ordinary person, it is recommended not to use their own name as micro-blog’s signature, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in confusion.

3 combines personal preferences;

If your

for a specialty is very interested in, such as site SEO, electronic commerce, so named when trying to move closer to the direction, because this is their own expertise, this is their favorite, will have absolute advantage in the micro-blog content update.

4 micro-blog name should not be too long;

No matter what the name of micro-blog

, should be short to less, only short will let visitors bring back rate, easy to remember, the general Chinese characters to control in 3-5; at the same time to avoid a word in name.

on micro-blog’s positioning and naming theory

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