How does Hefei Baidu get your customers

Hefei is a "boss" of the city more soil, many CEOs did not realize that there are a lot of customers through the network to find their products every day, but to recruit a large number of salesman for his run of relying on the traditional method. It not only increases the cost, but also to the end will become an important factor restricting.

the development of enterprises

food machinery in Hefei, for example,

The relevant information

now more and more netizens in Hefei will search to get the local slimming body using the Baidu center. But when they enter the "Hefei steamed stuffed bun machine", "Hefei steamed bread machine" and "Anhui steamed stuffed bun machine" and other words, but regret to find that they have not been able to find food machinery manufacturers in Hefei. Because of many food machinery enterprises in Anhui, but the lack of strong brands. Most of the weight loss center does not have its own enterprise website! And website, website also very simple, no set keyword, but did not consider using Baidu to promote. In fact, you can think about it, if when users enter the "Anhui food machinery", the first is to find the light Ning,. "Anhui steamed stuffed bun machine" or "Anhui Steamed Buns machine", the search engine first appeared or rather light, there will be many potential customers to visit their website, if their website is attractive enough, then there is a demand for people will pick up the phone, and even take the initiative to visit.

in the same way, you can think about, when your customers use Baidu, if they want to buy your product will enter what keywords, you try it. If you find any promotion on, is that those companies have done promotion, and because has tasted the sweetness of renewals continue to do the promotion if not. And your competitors also have no consciousness, this is a great opportunity to.

finally used a metaphor to summarize, Baidu promotion like the 90s people began to use mobile phone, do not know, a know so useful, since you have not lost it. To attract a large number of online customers, a total of three.

1, customer input after the keyword search, your site will appear in search results in the first page of the first four.

2, your site should follow the principle of two seconds, the so-called first 8 seconds principle refers to the customer can not open your site for more than 8 seconds. Customers find information on your site for more than 8 seconds.

3, your customer service staff, product knowledge must be rich to professional. And ensure that the phone 24 hours boot. Because the customer can call on the Internet when you go to work or work.

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