did not spend a penny how to stir fried pepper live

is off the shelf during mapping for various reasons did not pass the pepper internal publicity shot blocking reflected off, is a big regret.


at the end of 2015, Wang Sicong micro-blog’s 17 live in the evening, I did not sleep and slightly beat the core team of the night, because I see from the circle of friends, micro shot red beauty who have imitated Wang Sicong’s micro-blog, the 17 page screenshot person in the circle of friends, fans seeking attention. I can say that the circle of friends is a 17 live scraper, that night I realized that broadcast has to the breaking point, don’t catch up too late. The two key indicators, 4G penetration rate has reached 70%, the popularity of large screen mobile phone rate has reached 40%, the big screen mobile phone users the maximum demand is watching the video, and large screen mobile phone battery for long time live offers the possibility. Take the edge ball Route 17 live lit by the market.

but I think Taiwan’s 17 live team is unlikely to win this market, mainly in three points:

the first Taiwan team is not familiar with the political atmosphere of the mainland, which is fatal in the area of content operations;

Hot culture on the mainland

second Taiwan team is unable to control, through the analysis of the investment of 17 live several angel investors of the micro-blog and WeChat circle of friends, the 17 team did not do a good job in the establishment of large-scale operations team psychological preparation;

The core of

technology third 17 team leader said that although Microsoft is not born, but the background of large scale and high concurrent background, so the team must be within a short time to treatment is likely to bring the influx of large-scale users.

these are opportunities for the Chinese team.


But the

micro film team the biggest problem is not technical platform for video broadcast, the market was open to three party platform only a simple assessment of cloud Tencent, it is still not mature, YY do not agree with the access we gathered clouds, only agreed to access the Lei system team, ChinaNetCenter cloud video has not officially release. I’m in a short period of time and all domestic on-line mobile phone video product team dealing, and with micro roar broadcast team wants only through the technical scheme can support the share, business processing time is too late, they do not want to provide services through the three party video cloud mode.

at this time the market is almost only one option is 360 pepper live, because it looks like the background is more mature than the 360 video cloud.

at this time, but also a friend introduced me and Zhou Hongyi know, see whether the micro shot and 360 cooperation pepper. To be honest, the micro film for various reasons, the development is not always smooth, and I also want to learn about Zhou Hongyi through this cooperation, to see their own operating companies where the problem is, I also felt that the time window is urgent, so put some simple business conditions, almost no refuse, "

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