Several ways to rapidly improve the site traffic

1, the article keywords positioning

according to the content of the article to locate, the easiest way is to look at the title of the article we want to false original and keywords. According to the title of the article and keywords, and then comprehensive web page to do the keywords to locate.

for example: Women’s information "clothing brand agency business: how to accounting cost control", through the analysis, we can obtain the following keywords: clothing brand clothing brand agent business, combined with the keywords women’s information, the other key words: Women’s brand. So the key words in this article are: "clothing brand clothing brand agents agents operating women’s brands".

2, article title pseudo original

according to the original title of the article we want to fake, and then the comprehensive site to determine the relevance of the page.

example: Women’s clothing brand agents operating: how to control the cost of accounting, through Baidu search, found that the first four are used the same title, and our article Baidu is not included. Here, we can according to the results to the pseudo original title: "clothing brand agents effective way of business accounting cost control", this way to avoid the other high weight Website Title competition lead to Baidu not included, and Baidu may be considered a new article and Baidu included.

3, the article content pseudo original

In the

article pseudo original importance, when the search engine index the content when compared with before the grab page, the content similarity is greater than 2/3, the web page similarity is greater than 70%, the search engine will judge our article for repeat content, can not be included. So we want to be efficient and quality of the content of the original pseudo.

This article through the

paragraph change, the end add new content summary and description etc., as far as possible on the basis of the original, without changing the readability of the principle, to achieve the pseudo original content.

such as: Women’s clothing brand agents operating: how to calculate the cost of control, through analysis, shop and goods cost control is the same level. So, "third of the goods, investment is in the overall retail investment operation the largest amount of overhead" the content can be used as the first. Then, the first and the second may be postponed to third. But in this way, the content similarity is still too high, we can add some descriptive paragraphs in the head and tail of the article, the original article described in the first paragraph of the split and reorganization. The first and second sections of the first description can be referred to the end of the article. Coupled with their own understanding of the article to add their own language description, so that the article pseudo original stronger.

4, page quality internal link

according to our article keywords positioning, in the appropriate place to join the internal links page.

for example

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