Why your site Alexa ranking has been reduced

a lot of webmasters are complaining, why my site IP number of their own statistics on the increase, Alexa statistics, whether it is the number of IP or ranking is declining?

In fact,

is more than the webmaster website, especially some non internet industry website, this trend is more obvious (the Internet industry station why change? Nairen?), I give an example:

www.ufida.com.cn (for UFIDA UFIDA software why? Because UFIDA in network, Alexa data are most unlikely to play with their website)

UF financial software share of the first domestic financial software, sales channels, the number of users is the largest in the same industry. A year ago, UF Alexa website ranking is about 10000, per million Internet users browse rate, visits UFIDA site every day at 9000, this data is still a little spectrum, and the recent January UF Alexa website ranking dropped to 210 thousand, the number of visits per day estimates only 750 people (this data obviously there is a problem).

we all know it’s a statistical tool Alexa dependent software, which is embedded into an Microsoft IE browser tool, when users visit each Web page to send a string of Alexa code, the information related to the browsing told Alexa. Every time you visit a web page, the public key bar adds a list of the site’s access counts.

Alexa information is just a kind of pumping statistics, for example, one million people in the installation of the software tool, then these one thousand people on behalf of the Internet on behalf of these people. This statistical method has the following two characteristics:

1 Alexa tool installation rate is higher, the more reliable Alexa statistics;

2 the greater your site traffic, the more reliable Alexa statistics;

from the example of the point of view, Alexa statistics is more and more distorted, why is this, I think there may be the following reasons:

1 non IE browser more and more, I didn’t say Alexa Toolbar is less and less, for example, many webmaster IE Alexa Toolbar, but usually the Internet is Maxthon browser or other Alexa tools, and only installed in the IE, only IE Internet is not counted;

2 garbage station is becoming more and more easy to greatly shunt the network traffic. For example, no tools station before, many of the financial knowledge flow will be oriented UFIDA software website, and now, you search the financial domain keywords, impossible to found the shadow of UFIDA software website;

3 a variety of tools to query Alexa statistics more and more. Why do you want to install the Alexa Toolbar? Because you want to see the rankings, and now you do not have to install, you can see, perhaps more

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