Get ready for business why do you want to start a business Are you ready

lead: my skills and contacts can be transformed into a service? Can make these services available to customers? If I want or need a business partner? What is the exit strategy of my


are you thinking about how to start a business?. According to the social document sharing website DocStoc data show that in the United States, each month will be 54.3 thousands of small company, but for those who still insist on entrepreneurship, may still exist certain psychological barriers hinder their own progress.

entrepreneurs often ask some questions, for example, I am ready to start? I have enough money and time? Or, I have some business ideas, the choice of an execution? However, these problems can never seem to find the answer.

entrepreneurship is exciting, exciting things, of course, entrepreneurship is not suitable for everyone. This article will provide some guidance to help you determine whether you have entrepreneurial talent, whether to do poineering work, and the next step is how to do.

Why does

want to start a business?


For some people,

is inspired by the need for autonomy". Jayson DeMers is the founder and CEO of Seattle AudienceBloom company, the company provides SEO services, when he chose the business when only 24 years old, and a full-time job at a network marketing company.

"I question everything and feel very uncomfortable about being bound by the rules," he said. "I want more freedom to make my own decisions. When I decide to do something, do not waste time, do not need to seek advice from others and do not report to others, can be executed at the first time." After obtaining a number of freelance clients, DeMers finally chose to resign.

1, according to the definition of the Small Business Administration (SBA), small business refers to the number of employees less than 500 companies

for others, the motivation to start a business is to solve a problem in their lives, such as Sujan Patel is such a person. He is vice president of marketing for When I Work, the company provides employees with software scheduling services. Last year, Patel was just 30 years old, he developed a marketing tool for the two, both to save their time, but also to enhance the effectiveness of the work. So Patel put these two tools recommended to their peer friends, and soon he found that these good friends are willing to pay for the use of.

"many of my colleagues, good friends are willing to pay to use my tools, this let me know your development tools are what people actually need," he said, "this really makes me feel a bit surprised." So he created two new companies ContentMark>

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