My open plan for 51 Com

crap, but it must be that this plan is what I do, but never love alone investment to the enterprise, do not feel such play, I want to see is that this scheme, even if the 51 do not use, but can give other webmaster in thinking to develop. So, I put this program published. Please do not misunderstand the title, I have nothing to do with


I have 51

, do not know what is 51, then, 51 with a user, I started in 51 of the ten minute trip, draws a conclusion.


will no longer come to 51 – this is my first experience as a user.


51, you claim to be a user of 16W users every day, even if it is true, so many of your users, the number of active users?

dating data, the authenticity of how much?


although, I quite appreciate the "blog + friends" this idea, but in the blog’s profit model is not clear period, coupled with the concept of a friend, you can afford it?


I have a

, there is no denying the fact that 51 does have a lot of users, webmasters in mind as well. Unfortunately, you do not have the resources to good use, you choose the positive and QZONE confrontation, but no other choice.


to this, I put forward only one point:


51 should work with personal websites to enhance regional activities


The number of

51 users is large, it is a pity that is an individual, and not what contact and communication between the user and the lack of a website user groups in the spirit, and it is precisely this point, is friends website bogey, if not to get rid of this failure, the friends’ blog and friends "that will never be successful.


idea is to give 51 to set up a branch, the resident organization activities, the distance between the website and user in, although this method is feasible, but the feeling of action is too big, just want to make good use of the personal web site, resource integration.


first stage: 51 to strengthen the concept of the region within the site, such as the city activities.

second stage: after the concept, looking for partners in the city, so that the individual site to organize local activities and publicity


some places do not worry about the user, but there is a large number of users on the 51 but no communication between users, the lack of a website >

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