Website optimization and promotion of the most basic six steps

SEO now in China, is no longer a mysterious industry, many companies are now aware of the role of enterprise marketing website optimization, website promotion is gradually from the website optimization to change, but in the traditional sense, website optimization is not only including the optimization of search engines, but also include the following:

, soft Wen promotion: according to their own life experience, to write more original articles, and to update the different content every day, so as to achieve the purpose of search engine friendly, but also better to attract users to have a role. According to your article can be released to the relevant forum or portal blog, so that more users can know your website from more channels;

, two complementary strategic cooperation promotion: for example my site and the nested cooperation, joined the gutianxia search column in my website article page. At the same time, give me a good position in the world of advertising website, such cooperation I have both the search function, but also through advertising to attract some customers, and save this part of the expenditure is for win-win;

three, activity promotion: whether to do business, or do, always remember that the Chinese are quite cheap. Therefore suggest a website online, in order to attract more people to participate, you must try to carry out some activities, if it is to continue the activities better, so users will be produced with viscous activities. Like this time A5 held the "Valley hundred excellent" game, which played a very good publicity role;

four, community, Forum promotion: promotion in these places, one can directly find the corresponding person in charge of the cooperative extension, two is itself in the community, forum on spontaneous promotion, but if it is second words, they need to pay attention to the way of promotion, in order to avoid the theme of advertising for a promotion and deleted. Is generally not recommended after registration immediately began to promote the work, but first in the community forum, mixing time, mix a familiar face any promotion, it is not easy to be deleted;

five, competitive ranking: according to the author’s observation in Baidu, Google after the purchase of the bidding rankings, the situation and the situation of the rankings will be more than the number of rankings have not been bidding. But in any case, in the early stages of the development of the site to do some competitive ranking is more beneficial, because this is a manifestation of the strength of the company’s specific performance;

six, traffic purchase: traffic is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective means of promotion. The only thing to pay attention to this promotion is not one-sided pursuit of low prices, but should be screened for the launch, so as to avoid the increase in traffic at the same time will not damage the image of the site.

through the above steps, the promotion of the site will play a very good role.

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