With Bo Yang software to explore the promotion of WeChat public numbers

is now WeChat public platform are more and more people know, WeChat marketing that the threshold is very low, everyone can do, but need to invest a lot of resources, promotion with public number, the user is the development challenges, such as the WeChat certification needs 500 users, this is not a small threshold. WeChat public platform can not log on the phone, you can not take the initiative to add friends, relatively speaking, it is difficult to promote WeChat. But for large companies is not a threshold, as long as the method is appropriate, it is easy. How to effectively promote their own platform? Here I would like to introduce some of the ways to promote the WeChat public platform.

a, BBS promotion

blog, paste it, everyone, happy network, and other social networking sites, soft text to write a good word can be broken million, this is not a miracle. Is the main Post Bar promotion, mainly concentrated in the Post Bar population between 15-27 years old, this group of people is very active, to Post Bar inside can feel the Post Bar, each has a different style, in the first two active Post Bar what these people familiar with big talk, and then combined with the WeChat public number you engage in tonality the topic of the micro signal rub in, the effect is good.

two, driven by WeChat


as the information platform to spread the largest amount can not be ignored, most people say micro-blog promotion of WeChat is not good, it is not just the more than 10 thousand method, live powder on micro-blog, the micro-blog provided award-winning, WeChat and micro-blog released the answer on practical data to address concerns of WeChat get * * etc., there are more than 1 thousand people. Just give users a reason, we will pay attention to you, in fact, the original audience base can also use the official micro-blog, micro-blog update avatar increase two-dimensional code promotion, and released a new piece about WeChat promotion of new public number, through the micro-blog first audience for WeChat. Of course, the premise is the product of the official new website, WeChat is the mainstream in two-dimensional code visual guide, colleagues opened short-term interactive activities, use of gift giving opportunity to attract audience attention and participation in scanning.

three, use WeChat shake

shook a large number of lonely men no longer lonely, shake this Fun Dating mode successfully is the use of curiosity and make friends to shake this way, dating a shake of the conversion rate is very high, the highest point can be more than 50%, curious public, colleagues also retain the



four, drift bottle – floating fans


transfer mode bottle, spread the crowd wide influence, can indefinitely go to bring lasting effect, the only drawback is that the bottle conversion cycle and the conversion rate did not shake so optimistic.


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