2007 nternet Conference held in Chongqing 18

9 in the morning, sponsored by Baidu marketing center in Chongqing’s second annual conference held in Chongqing station chenjiaping Majestic Hotel, the number of owners to participate in up to more than 170, than the first session of the General Assembly webmaster have increased significantly. Attendance. This also shows that the Internet industry in Chongqing is more and more practitioners to join them.

9:30 started from the morning meeting held, first by various industries such as guest speakers, legal experts, Chongqing copyright protection center and other people talking about some matters which should be paid attention to the Internet business. Then at the beginning of 10, into an important link in the scene simulation: all day long schedule risk investment show.

the risk investment preview completely imitate the "win in the CCTV Chinese" process, the owners introduced their own projects, and then by the judges for questions and comments, and finally decide the winner, the winner will have the opportunity to get 1 million of the risk investment.

Four site Project

yesterday came to power are: Chongqing catering fast than the net, virtual goods online trading, odd network education industry parents time, specifically for enterprise network video CCTV network.

judge: eabax software chairman Yang Chun, manager of Shenzhen innovation investment projects Hu Xiaobo, general manager of Chongqing software week Congsheng


compared with last year’s venture capital rehearsal, the four owners came to power last year a lot of mature, but there are still some problems such as the criticism by the judges pointed out that in this project is too vague, fuzzy profit model is not clear and so on.

the morning of the process to the end of 12, starting at 1:30 pm.

afternoon show is a good network general manager Fang Wenchun dialogue 163888 founder Wang Yuhua, and pig CEO Zhu Mingyue, the main exchange experiences of each in the process of venture capital and contact experience, feeling a few points:

1, Wang Yuhua said that looking for venture capital is like looking for a wife, to fit, not the richest.

in the morning wind rehearsal, eabax Yang Chun said a word makes me very impressed: only three of venture capital investment, high growth, high return, high performance team.

there are a lot of things, this party is really very exciting, there are a lot of ideas, keep looking back slowly taste.

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