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last weekend, Ctrip has been blasting the existence of serious security risks, the user’s bank card information in the data is stored in the local server, due to system security vulnerabilities, stranger who can download the user’s personal information. For a time, the Internet and personal information security problem has been pushed on in the teeth of the storm.

in fact, in such an era of network development, personal privacy seems to have been difficult to personalize: mobile positioning, tracking our location, photo sharing, reveal our preferences…… Whether they are happy or not, people share and share all the information about themselves and others in the "login click search". However, with the development of science and technology, people do not want to do the "slaughter the lamb", they begin to pay attention to personal privacy, the third party to reduce the risk of information has been leaked…… They began to take action to protect their privacy and information.

1 see "enemy"

when people realize that their personal information and privacy may be "hidden people" to make money, how to find and stop the enemy will become their primary concern.

homeopathy and health, no trace browsing has become a controversial internet users love. According to the Pugh Research Center (Pew Research Center) survey showed that nearly 86% of U.S. Internet users choose to download the support back function and the encryption function of the software, so it can be "monitoring" who visited their social media, effectively prevent the random strangers check their social information. And nowadays, such as Ghostery and Lightbeam monitoring software, are able to support the user to query their own historical traces of free, while allowing users to clear and preset relevant content and touted.

In addition to this,

spam site is also a popular feature of the shield. According to Forrester Research Research Center survey, 25% of American people have begun to choose to install anti plug-in pop-up ads, because it can effectively prevent the third party "junk website" random pop-up, in order to obtain the user’s personal information.

2 strengthening "position"

aware of the existence of the enemy is not enough, how to prevent their data is being targeted is a matter of public concern. Therefore, how to effectively monitor and manage historical records, it has become the most important way to block the current user information is leaked.

for example, users can choose to use AVG PrivacyFix such information disclosure tips. When the user to do any personal information may lead to the disclosure of Internet behavior, the software will pop up a red warning window, in order to remind the user to pay attention to personal privacy.

"giving information to the right person" will be one of the most effective ways to protect personal information.


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