How many articles can be benefited by writing articles

      it’s a grassroots, this year I wrote a blog blog Xing, is always a fun. However, these two days, I am the most depressed is to consider the issue of this blog was reprinted. When I consider and pay attention to this problem, only to find that this is a common problem in the network. Large and small sites have to rely on the reprint of the day, like a day to eat like three meals, people do not eat a meal can not do, the site is not reproduced one day.

      we grassroots, no fame, want to make a move, let us pay attention to. But once really make a move, and how his mother feel so depressed? A website concerned about IT’s friends sent QQ information, told me that I was on the Baidu news, I point to open a Baidu news, really.


      my last article said that he would never again write what to denounce the article, his mother, has been to many articles, the future will be to many articles, to denounce a fart, no Internet copyright and fair!

      today the writing of this article is to say, we have been using the grassroots emotion value, for the benefit of their website value, write the number of sites for the benefit of breaking God, life is really big husband should be used, you should write the article to be reproduced.

      and, after being transferred is best not to complain about, you know, but you give people this publicity, expand your influence, have come up with a website server, with a special page, in order to turn your article, let you have a little bit of increase your visibility, small the grassroots, should thank Buddha incense should shed tears of gratitude,……

      and also, like me down on the luck, mixed so long before being used by people should be reproduced, with a grateful heart, thank God thank God thank God, finally let me get out of this little head. Web site, long live reprint! You will be reproduced in the end, the dead are not to you, I don’t have!

      and then, by the way I found that Sohu was just digging out Mi Xiaobin, the Sohu IT group recommended for the first time he wrote the "Shi Yuzhu king of the bow tied to who? Is also widely reproduced. He said in a blog is an Internet cafe boss, after I read his article was an editor of Sohu and talked to him, I was because of the things that have been reproduced to a bit depressed, so I said that Mi Xiaobin would have been such a fire, the result is. Not what I have these sites have prophetic vision, is so little water.

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