t is a year old when the Google PR update today

              station network (Shao Guihu) in December 31, 2008, Google PR update. This is also the last update of Google PR in 2008.

              image: PR

color for the Internet

PR is an integral part of the Google search ranking algorithm, used to identify the level and importance of web pages. Level from 1 to 10, 10 for the full score, the higher the PR value that the web search rankings in the status of the more important. In the same condition, has the priority of the PR value high site in Google search results ranking. PR as the core algorithm of Google, and even the image of the endorsement, to add color to the dull Internet links.

              digital speech: PR will be the number of sites

              Google PR last adjustment time is September 27, 2008, when PR launched the station network update special survey, a total of 3180, 232 Adsense on the webmaster participation, 64 webmaster commented on the investigation, Sina Technology and many other media carried a report on the survey. The survey data, 24.57% of the site PR rose more than 2, 16.81% of the site PR increased by 2, 33.62% of the site PR increased by 1, 18.10% of the website PR has not changed, the website of 4.31% PR decreased by 1, 1.72% of the site PR fell 2, 0.86% of the site PR fell 2 more than. Statistics show that 75% of the site PR has increased, the site of PR did not change in, while only of the site declined PR.

              the results of the Google PR update, welcome you to participate in the last PR update in 2008 survey.


Tastes differ all tastes.: decide on what path to follow

1, still support PR, PR ultimately depends on the web page. In addition to the PR value of no other better way to identify a web page quality. The reason why many webmasters in the exchange of links are very valued PR, because it is at least a site quality screening and screening. In Ad>

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