Millet mobile phone was traced to deposit bank account theft prone Alipay vulnerabilities

new network June 16th (IT channel Zhang Sinan) recently, CCTV weekly quality report reported a number of mobile payment security risks exist. With the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones, third party payment scale is expanding. But because of the inherent vulnerabilities in mobile phone systems, allowing attackers to get mobile phone users privacy and account information through the establishment of a public WIFI, implanted Trojan way, realize the cash bank card and Alipay account stolen. Millet, HUAWEI, Google and some other models of security vulnerabilities, in the event of an attack, the security software on the phone completely failed. Experts suggest that, in order to prevent the occurrence of theft of bank card fraud thing, should avoid the connection without a password public WIFI.

millet 2 Lenovo models such as security vulnerabilities exist traced


in accordance with the existing protective measures and payment platform, user verification code four line to pass the third party payment platform to achieve transfer spending have the account number, password, payment password, SMS, and each consumer will SMS prompt changes in the bank account. Then a few lines of defense, criminals and how fraudulent bank card?

according to CCTV "weekly quality report" reported that the Beijing City independent research institutions engaged in the third party payment will play in recent years through Alipay steal bank card case summary analysis pointed out that part of the case is due to the user’s personal mistake, caused by leakage of personal information. If the mobile phone is retroactive to copy ID card, leading bank card stolen brush. A considerable part of the case is due to the user’s network environment is not safe because of the user’s bank card funds stolen. Network security experts Tao said that the passive situation, such as cafes and other public places to link WIFI, causing the phone to be controlled.

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

project "Linux/Android operating system security vulnerability detection" team leader Zhuge Jianwei said, for security vulnerabilities of mobile phone, the attacker will set up a public fishing WIFI, through to configure a wireless router, the node it as an intermediary Internet mobile phone users totaled. If the user’s mobile phone into such a public WIFI, the user’s Internet traffic will be hijacked to the attacker specified on a laptop or PC. Once the mobile phone users data stream hijacked by an attacker, the user points to open any web page is likely to be an attacker to insert malicious programs, and the use of mobile phone Trojans inherent vulnerabilities implanted a new, fully help an attacker to gain control of the mobile phone, mobile phone users to read the information stored in the machine hand, the installation of mobile phone application control. In addition, the gain control also verify the message completely shielded, seventeen useless, so as to realize the malicious transfer.

after researchers found that millet 2, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus4 and HUAWEI, Lenovo part of the existence of ROOT models to mention the right to security vulnerabilities that allow attackers to access the phone’s highest authority vulnerabilities.

mobile phone system vulnerabilities caused by security hand

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