Domain name true and false fog who is the real behind the scenes push

true and false happy network domain name dispute Kaixin001 change domain name

genuine happy net domain name dispute lasted more than a year, there has been no final result, create a great sensation of the case. 2010, April, the news that Kaixin001 will replace the domain name, people from all walks of life to wait and see, Kaixin001 will replace the domain name to be concerned about.


message is not to determine the domain name "Xianshengduoren"

June 20, 2010, rumors of happy net of nearly 100 thousand yuan to buy the domain name, or as a new domain of happy net enabled, Whois domain name information that the domain and domain names are the same company and manage mailboxes. Some investors said that regardless of the brand or spelling, domain name is not better than the domain name, and even, and happy network does not matter.

also has some investors said that the domain name buyers may not be happy network, in the near future, the hype related domain names and thus achieve the acquisition of Brand Company example common.

true and false acquisition of domain name brand protection vulnerabilities

June 21st, happy net company denied the purchase of domain name argument. Happy network, said the company is currently the most important thing is to do a good job for the replacement of the domain name does not make the latest details. so far, the domain name is to buy, happy net official denied the purchase of the domain name has to do a summary, a-thousand enough to make us see behind a name, in this case, the domain name acquisition and brand protection against vulnerability behind the thought-provoking.

said, brand protection for enterprises remarkable, companies should pay attention to in the protection of the brand name, to avoid "the event of genuine happy net", and cause unnecessary trouble and loss.

              news that Kaixin will enable to enter the international market

              Kaixin denied that it would enable to say the rumor is not true

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