March 2016 domestic website traffic statistics 5 Sogou Phoenix Online List

IDC network ( on 28 August 03 reports: according to the latest data China Internet Association – Chinese website ranking announced that as of March 24, 2016, the domestic website independent visits the top five are: Baidu,, 360, Sogou search and, as shown below.


as shown above, in March, the five major site traffic rankings without any change. Among them, Baidu, and 360 search traffic showed a sharp downward trend, however, Baidu and still way ahead, won the championship, the 360 runner up position is not search. In addition, Sogou, Phoenix traffic relatively flat.

compared with last month, Baidu, Tencent and 360 search rankings are unchanged. The search dogs and Phoenix have been among the list, respectively, to replace last month ranked fourth Jingdong, micro-blog’s fifth.

below, IDC review network with everyone to understand the situation of these five major site traffic.

1, Baidu (


Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, in January 2000 by Robin Li,, founded in Beijing,, two. According to the above, in the current, Baidu’s data are: integrated ranking first, an independent visitor of 384502 people, per capita page views of 14.2. It is worth mentioning that an average of 409812 visitors a week, more than the current average of March.

2, Tencent (


Tencent network is currently the largest portal. As of March 24, 2016, we can see the current comprehensive ranking Tencent second, consistent with the average week. Among independent visitors, the current average is slightly less than one week, 331398. In addition, the current per capita page views reached 11.2 pages, an average of one week, the average increase in March.

3, 360 search (


360 search is the search engine services under the 360, including web pages, news, movies and other search products. Learned from the above figure, 360 search in the past three months, the average comprehensive ranking of 165154th, while the current average of the week and are all of the same, we can see the recent surge in traffic. In independent visitors and per capita page views, the current value is greater than the average week, March average, respectively, 201091, 8.6.

4, Sogou (



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