People in the nternet Forum marketing success three

because of the time, the success of Marketing Forum (three) has not been introduced, to bring inconvenience, but also understanding.

but from today, the network will be with the help of A5 this platform, according to my many years of marketing experience, will continue to work with you to discuss the marketing method.

success in "Marketing Forum (two)," said forum marketing planning this link; planning after the completion of the work should be started, but the implementation is not to say that we should start to post this article, and we look at the things to do after the completion of planning.

this topic: Forum marketing preparation:

was a master of management said "written on paper, in my heart, in the implementation of the action", a simple sentence is out of doing things the truth, to prepare for the exam before going out, before construction to prepare, to prepare marketing forum.

1, post content compilation

now some people don’t do anything else, specifically to help others to write forum posts, the gang since named ‘son brother’, do not underestimate this group of people, the same post, after processing out of the views they are 3-5 times of posts, these people’s income is quite high. Since there is such an occupation exists, the existence of value, we briefly look at their posts written;

post title editing principles:

1) network hot words written 2) written questions 3) 4) 5 suspense writing exaggerated writing) strange writing.

post content compilation principles:

1) within 200 words 2) advertisements on the content 3) to post title 4) aroused visitors interested in reply 5) will lead to avoid delete words 6) as much as possible to prepare many different versions of the post.

2, BBS address collection

1) influential forum in the industry

, such as the press of sina, NetEase, the owners of the A5, Adsense station.

2) popular forum

is not a registered member, the membership is a kind of form, is likely to be a personal registration number, popularity through the post every day can be seen, whether the poster or regular stick, as long as the more that people in.

3) Baidu, GOOGLE included faster forum.

if a post in the forum published, can be Baidu and GOOGLE soon included, I tell you, you will earn big, because the weight of large forum is generally high, once someone searches for a keyword, you meet the conditions of the post, it is easy to find, by the way: site domain name you can see the content of the website included time. At present, posts, from posting to be included

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