How to let Tmall WeChat new single day sales of 8000 single



more and more fire, water enterprises are also more and more, but most of the electricity supplier for the core business, try WeChat public number effect is not how, why? That is to say, we all know that you collect with industry product related content (video, text and so on, for example) buy: Women’s content to teach you how to sell slimming drugs collocation? Content to teach you how to healthy diet? Of course also added some jokes, popular events and so on, seemingly should be good.

but why is it bad?

is very simple, there are several reasons: (Laoniao can skip this section, to the following practical articles)

A, with the same product homogeneity, the content of serious homogenization;

found that when the content of good, find good video content, copy and paste, or change a title, a map, a lot of yisou text paragraphs, online channels are everywhere, if it is you, you will pay more attention to the WeChat public


must NO ah!!

B, stiff, loaded with X breath too, commercial atmosphere, the living atmosphere light;

what do you mean? With the product specifications, as well as legal documents, standards, stiff, no risk, no loopholes, pure written language, some professional terms with what is more, the reader watch also edge Baidu query what is meant for you, you look at the


can understand the enterprise in order to brand image, in order to avoid the risk of infringement, in order to avoid responsibility, and so on, must do so, but the problem is, so edit out the content, who see?

entertainment said, is the teacher, but also pay attention to entertaining, stiff endorsement education effect is self-evident, in fact do WeChat public number is the same, you show up to what is a living true to life, instead of a stiff cold machine.

C, service number, subscription number is not clear;

Many companies

subscription number, service number is synchronous, and to show their own corporate culture, brand performance, the effect of their products, news activities and so on, your readers are not employees of the company for the hair to see these


service number also, in order to attract the core content of the subscription number, but also put things so commercialized, the end can only be taken off the N wave; it should be how to get


subscription number + interaction as the core, the business atmosphere is light, all commercial action behavior all jumped to the service number, what product display, brand performance culture, even product customer feedback, etc.;

if the company did not make it clear that the three points, from the early to do late, the result can only be natural and eggs, but some of them to the outbreak of the cattle X enterprises, the effect of the water to try out, try out their own style, so >

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