Soft science the nternet Association website ranking report Chinese talent show employment

How to write it, a lot of people think it is the sea blowing mass, and so on, the effect can not really attract industry users. Look at sina reading a text. The scarlet letter for this station mark.

must pull out some data, no matter what the statistics, choose your most dominant chassis.

China website ranking network released in June 26th "website traffic analysis report", the report by the website traffic rate, the contribution rate of adhesion site traffic, website traffic rate dependence 13 traffic statistical analysis algorithm, 120 of the 12 categories of popular network service web site traffic and made a comprehensive analysis, the launch of a new China site traffic evaluation standard. To promote your brand with others, spend some money to spend resources at

report reflects a wide range of existing problems. Among them on the recruitment of the site’s ranking in particular caused concern. Through the website ranking can be seen in the report of the recruitment website, recruitment websites in the first place, qianchengwuyou and Zhaopin respectively in the second and third. As can be seen from the report, already way ahead, recruitment websites showing a thriving scene. The problem is listed, can not bare the soft Wen, the authority of the industry, the wording of the industry, people feel very professional you are very good

note: recruitment website mainly for the network as the media resources of the recruitment information and job information release website (including two domain name website)

Description: classification site traffic ranking is the use of CHINA RANK platform for its own statistical results for the site traffic display objective analysis, does not involve any commercial factors.

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