Liu Yu contains how the network of enterprise brand

now era, the network for corporate propaganda, it has not come to you on the OUT. Many network Reds overnight, and then rapidly acting enterprise products. It is ready to let the small and medium-sized enterprises. But it is the turn of their own how to start?. Many leaders have become a headache problem. "The art of war" is mentioned, it is a victory on consistency, the real way. In fact, we are for having heard it many times network Reds case, network marketing is only the tip of the iceberg. In a surprise move, temporarily won a victory in the battle, and we cannot guarantee the territory. In order to establish a good brand image in the network. Need to do more solid things. Then with the punchline of event marketing. In order to make our brand really implanted in the minds of consumers. Liu Yu Qi in the promotion in the network to promote the industry’s first line also fought for several years. According to the practical experience with Yu, from the three stages of brand to promote the network of enterprise:

1, the network can shape the brand awareness

in the actual work of the promotion process, Liu Yu found that many companies have done TV advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising. But in the network search information, it is zero. Especially for many manufacturing enterprises. The product is unpopular, the industry relatively strong professional. No enterprise initiative for their information release, in the network of the sea is like a drop in the bucket. Even a cipher can not talk about. At this stage. If you want to carry out network marketing. Well, first of all, to establish their own brand awareness. For ordinary people. The Internet is a vast ocean, the capacity of which can not be statistics. But from the perspective of network promotion, to be arranged. In fact, the Internet is the same as the space to see, touch to. In our specific industry related communities and websites, as long as the dissemination of our information reasonable. Slowly we will be famous. Enterprise website is our home. We are going to take the initiative to invite people to come to our house. Many of the industry Web site can be regarded as our neighborhood. No matter what a small thing through the release here, or the information posted on the bulletin board in the cell door, it is easy to see. Slowly, we will know you. You also have their own visibility of the


2, the network can establish brand reality

advertising for businesses, we must be the first choice of newspapers and television, there will be the strength of television advertising. The general business will do newspaper advertising, the spread of these media can be said to be our landscaping creative arrangements, advertising can do very strong. But one thing we ignore is that a potential group of information feedback and ideas of the prophet. The idea of potential customers, we do not know. Every day of our lives are full of advertising, advertising life everywhere, everyone is accustomed to such a life. In the life of advertising, but in such a life of numbness, wit

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