Keen to ignore other marketing methods

the development of the Internet so that more and more companies to participate in the hope that their corporate information on the Internet, are hoping to achieve marketing through the internet. The guardian, Kunming found that most enterprises choose the way or bidding, why enterprises neglect the various effective way of marketing, only interested in bidding? For the enterprise, how from bidding ideas change over the whole network marketing into


a few days ago, Baidu and Putian Medical Department of the problem is full of the network, to do network marketing friends, basically have access to medical marketing problems. Most of the medical network team is basically based on the auction, the news source for assistance, optimization is basically done less. The event also informed the public, a single marketing approach there are too many problems, after all, eggs can not be placed in a basket.


learned that most companies are based on the auction, why would this happen? Guardian Yuan Kun think nothing more than the following reasons:

, a lot of enterprises or just the net, and not for cognitive network marketing.

many companies are the first contact with the Internet, more companies just want to have a website, to open an account. More is to show their own business, and did not focus on marketing.

two, the auction may not be the most effective marketing, but it is definitely the fastest way of marketing.

traditional companies feel the Internet can not see the invisible, network marketing is a long-term process, even more than hope. We want to be able to invest immediately return, and basically meet the needs of the auction, the investment will be able to see the results.

three, the company’s Guide to play a decisive role.

a lot of companies to help companies build sites, but there is no dedicated network marketing staff. No more time to do the operation, this time how to do? Directly recommends that customers do the bidding.

because most companies just get involved in the network, so do not have a strong sense of marketing. Even if there is a sense of marketing do not understand other marketing methods, understand other marketing methods and no special staff to operate. Coupled with the guidance of relevant workers, so become the focus of attention of the auction, the first time to bid based.

Although the

auction is the fastest way of marketing, but it is not the most effective way, but also for the network marketing, if only by single auction this road, go up is more difficult, because we fight is money. This creates a vicious cycle. For enterprises, the transformation of marketing ideas become a necessity.

mobile Internet development so that everyone can see the opportunity, WeChat’s fiery so that more and more enterprises based on WeChat marketing. For companies involved in this piece of the Internet, the guardian Yuan Kun suggested that we should carry out the following marketing

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