Pinterest Linkedn Airbnb on how to create a fan economy

introduction: chasing to aggregation of a product or a service, but it is not enough to sustain the existence of persistent fans. Get peer recognition and worship in order to spontaneously generate industry leaders and trends.

Egg Japan is a company that is known for helping several major Silicon Valley companies to open up the Japanese market. It recently held a forum on how to increase the amount of users and fans. From Pinterest, Cookpad, Moi (the inventor of Twitcast), LinkedIn Japan (Ling Ying), Zendesk (management terminal customer service website), Evernote (Evernote), TED (Global Conference) xTokyo, Uber Japan and Airbnb Japan, public relations manager in how to establish and maintain users in Japan (fans) group discussion.

let’s take a look at the following five topics:

1 creates value for your "companion"

‘s pursuit of a product or service is enough to generate a clustering effect, but it is not enough to sustain the survival of the fan group. Get peer recognition and worship in order to spontaneously generate industry leaders and trends. The pursuit of peer recognition can create a virtuous cycle, the average user in the community due to the recognition of the well-known, so as to become a celebrity, bring more fans gathering. As a YouTube user, Ashton Kutcher (Hollywood actor, the first Twitter 1 million followers of the user).

Yuka Oishi noted that her users are very like forwarding this feature. Get more forwarding means to get more people’s identity, thus Pinterest make this phenomenon more in-depth excavation, whenever you open the forwarding picture will be automatically linked to the original page, so it can increase the original possibility of increasing the amount of fans.

at Cookpad, Ako Nakayama, said they were using weekly cooking recipes to increase the user’s involvement in the site’s activities. It is not easy to come up with 52 subjects. Holidays are often an opportunity for people to think differently and come up with good ideas, but users prefer to see the same theme as "five minutes of good food.".


2 communication Rome

you may find it easy to chat with the most experienced users of the site and those of the super fans with a typical Silicon Valley style communication, such as easy and fun. However, Nakayama believes that this is not a practice. Cookpad company believes that we should communicate with the local fans courtesy of rome. The company uses M & A.

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