At the beginning of word of mouth marketing to pay attention to important points from individual use

on Tuesday, I work in Liupanshui received a friend’s phone, he was in a hospital in Kunming, he had to go home to visit relatives, just happen to meet my wife gave birth to a child, to the hospital to see a child.


brand has been living in depth, the hospital is no exception (network picture)

he said, I remember in Kunming public mind and not what the visibility of the hospital, he was just a designated hospital family — his brother-in-law a stroke in the hospital, * * * diabetes also in this hospital, and now my wife gave birth to a child, Zu Sunsan no matter what disease are in this hospital, and the distance of ten kilometers, I wonder.

I can’t wait to meet a friend mentioned it, he said, 7 years ago, his brother-in-law stroke, the village a person with his nephew introduced the hospital, so he took his nephew father to this hospital, the treatment effect is very good, and very polite to the families of doctors and nurses, his brother-in-law after discharge the hospital also repeatedly return home, and leave the hospital telephone.

since then, his family has always believed in the hospital. As soon as someone in the house has a small disaster, the first choice is to call the hospital, as long as the hospital can cure, directly to the hospital, although some distance away, although the hospital is not what fame.

and friends said: "my nephew said, we can not go to the hospital door hard, face difficult to see. I think so, those famous hospital diandaqike, people the patient, who cares about you! "

I suddenly thought, "this is Baidu search engine optimization guide 2" about the "brand", "Internet brand building is made of high quality content and services for users of web content (service) trust, allowing users to become the process of loyal users from a search engine".

this example shows that branding is not just a big site (big business), small sites (small businesses) to develop, we must take the road of branding. Because the brand meant that the trust of users, when users have a demand, he will be the first time I think of you, I believe you can help him out, otherwise, even if your service is very good, excellent technology, but if you don’t get the trust of users, so you’re still not a single. In the network marketing community, users trust this threshold is more real.

not only that, the user will for this trust brand by word-of-mouth way (user recommended ultimate) spread around, like my friend’s nephew choose this hospital, because other people recommend, and he strongly recommended to his grandmother. It is conceivable that he will also recommend to other relatives and friends.

My friend

and nephew then, the well-known brand and cannot satisfy all the needs, "Li Bai the million word of mouth, so far not fresh, even the glory of the" immortal "," Saint Li Bai ".

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